Another Year of Thanks!

November 20, 2018 / General

It’s that time of year again to give thanks! We are thankful for market growth continuing to be fueled by the IoT and Big Data, and for all the noteworthy standards ratifications that happened this year. We also wanted to take a minute to let all of our Cabling Chronicles blog fans know just how thankful we are that you continue to read our blog. We are committed to providing you with expert, valuable information to keep you informed about what's new in the world of cabling, testing and standards. 

Thankful for our Customers

And of course we are thankful for all of our customers for their continued support. Based on this year's past blogs, we have compiled this list of the top ten things our customers can be thankful for this holiday season.

  1. Having a single solution for testing PONs, LANs, data centers and FTTX deployments with the new OptiFiber® Pro High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  2. Finally being able to support PoE desktop computing, digital displays, lights and more with the ratification of Type 3 and Type 4 PoE.
  3. Being a part of an Industry of Innovators that continue to make significant contributions to our industry.
  4. Educating emerging industry professionals on a wide range of topics with our 101 Series Blogs – everything from Industrial Ethernet and Splicing to Modal Bandwidth and Polarity.
  5. No longer utilizing 28 AWG patch cords or plug-terminated links and worrying about them not being standards compliant since these are now recognized in the recently ratified ANSI/TIA 568.2-D standard.
  6. Saying Goodbye to the Buzz with our new Pro3000F Filtered Probe that removes signal interference at 50 or 60 Hz and their harmonics.
  7. Knowing which Fluke Networks’ tools have the The Most Stars on Amazon to simplify Christmas shopping for your techs.
  8. Giving the gift of Picture Perfect AV Systems to your customers with tips for testing HDBaseT or IP-based video applications.
  9. Being able to impress your fellow technicians by letting them know that the term RJ45 is a Case of Mistaken Identity and technically incorrect.
  10. For all the testing technicians accomplished during the DTX CableAnalyzer’s Good Run before we officially ceased service support and calibration.

Please check out our Cabling Chronicles blog for topics you might have missed, or to revisit one you would enjoy reading again. And feel free to let us know what testing features you're most thankful for!

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