Termination Tools

For the industry’s most reliable datacom and telecom installation and testing products look to Fluke Networks. Whether it is copper, coax or fiber, Fluke Networks saves time and money with ergonomic tools and reliable, rugged test sets. With more than 50 million tools and test sets sold, Fluke Networks' patented technology gets the job done right the first time.

Punchdown Tool Blades

Fluke Networks offers a variety of blades so you can get the job done.

Probe Pic

Use our Probe Pic to check for loose or damaged connections.

Pro-Tool™ Kits

All the network tools you need (in one pouch) to cut, strip, clean and make connections.

Need-L-Lock Crimping Pliers

Patented four-in-one crimping plier tool combines the following:

Modular Crimper

All-in-one wire crimping tool for fiber optics, ethernet cable and telephone wire plugs compatible with many 6- and 8- position modular telephone plugs

Modular Adapters

We offer a variety of standard and inline modular banjo adapters.

JackRapid™ Punchdown Tool

Patented jack termination tool allows you to terminate jacks 8 times faster.

Electrician's Snips

Our Electrician’s Snips are made from high-quality forged steel for strength and durability.

D914™ Series Impact Punchdown Tools

The versatile D914™ series impact punch down tools include built-in probe pic/spudger and torque capability.

D-Snips™ Heavy Duty Wire Strippers

Fluke Networks offers heavy duty wire cutters and strippers. These wire stripping tools cut and strip cables faster than any other wire stripping tool in industry.

D814™ Series Impact Tools

The D814™ industry standard punchdown tools make for solid terminations.

Can Wrenches

Our can wrenches allow universal access to telephone boxes and pedestals.

Wire and Cable Strippers

Cable strippers and Cutters include double slotted, plenum, round, coax and combo.

Cable Splicing Knife

Quickly and easily split cable sheaths.