Register Your Product

Registering your product with Fluke Networks gives you access to valuable information on product updates, troubleshooting tips, and other support services. If you purchased a Gold Support plan, registration also activates your plan.

To register a non-Versiv product click here (log in or create an account).

To register your Versiv product:

  1. Make sure your PC is connected to the internet.
  2. Install the latest version of LinkWare PC software on your PC (if not already installed). (Download LinkWare PC here)
  3. Turn on your tester and connect it to the PC via a USB cable.
    1. Download and install the latest Versiv Firmware on your Versiv mainframe and Remote. (Download Versiv Firmware here)
    2. Start LinkWare PC and install the latest Firmware version to your Versiv mainframe and then to your Versiv remote. (Utilities > Software Upgrade)
  4. In LinkWare PC, click Help > Product Registration.

The Product Registration window shows all the Versiv testers and modules that have been connected to the main tester.
If you want to register a Versiv module that does not show in the Product Registration window:

    1. Click Cancel.
    2. Attach the module to the tester.
    3. Click Help > Product Registration again.
  1. Click Sign in and Register.
  2. Enter your Fluke Networks MyAccount email address and password, then click Sign In.
    If you do not have a Fluke Networks MyAccount, click Create Account.


To let LinkWare PC automatically register a Versiv module that you purchase later, do not click Sign Out in the Product Registration window. By staying signed in, LinkWare PC reads the product information from your tester each time you import test results, and automatically registers new products online.


How does automatic registration work?

When you upload results from a Versiv mainframe to LinkWare PC on a PC with an internet connection, LinkWare PC checks to see if your Versiv mainframe, remotes, and measurements modules are unregistered. After supplying LinkWare PC with your MyAccount login and password, LinkWare PC will register these products in your Fluke Networks' MyAccount. If you remain logged into LinkWare PC it will automatically register any new unregistered devices on subsequent result uploads. You can manually request the registration status for an attached Versiv mainframe using Help / Product Registration from LinkWare PC.

What happens if I do not stay logged into MyAccount on LinkWare?

Any unregistered devices will not be registered and any updates, such as calibration date or software version number will not be recorded in your MyAccount data. You will be reminded to register any unregistered devices every 7 days.

If my Versiv is already registered, why am I being prompted to register with LinkWare PC V9.9 and later?

The automated product registration is more comprehensive / accurate / simple; it not only registers your mainframe, but also the remote and all associated measurement modules. Once registered through the automatic registration service any additional Versiv products you purchase will be automatically registered when used with LinkWare PC version 9.9 and later.