Telephone Line Test Sets

Telephone test sets are a standard among telephone linemen. For the past 100 years, telephone line testers a test set’s functionality hasn’t changed much. Times are changing, networks are changing and now butt sets are changing. No longer are they single-purpose tools but are evolving into full-fledged, multi-functional telecom testers. Enter Fluke Networks’ newest line of VDV (voice, data and video) telephone test sets and equipment. We’ve taken the best features from our existing line, added new technology and totally redesigned telephone line testers to lighten up your tool belt.

Electrical Contractor Telecom Kits

These handy telecom installer tool kits contain essential industry standard telecommunications tools and test equipment.

TS® 54 TDR Test Set

A three-in-one—TDR, toner and pair identifier—premium, VDV telephone test set..

TS® 52 PRO Test Sets

The TS52 PRO telephone Test Set features backlit LCD and glow-in-the-dark keypad.

TS® 30 Series Test Sets

The TS30 features the latest in telephone test set case design, at an affordable price.

TS® 25D Test Sets

The TS25D telephone tester features data lockout and lockout override, and a large LCD.

TS® 22 Series Test Sets

The TS22 Series telephone test equipment offers a combination of reliability, durability and expanded utility.

TS® 19 Test Sets

TS19 telephone test equipment features DataSafe™, Tone or Pulse operation, Talk/Monitor capabilities and last number redial.