Versiv Keeps on Truckin’

October 24, 2019 / General, Standard and Certification

This week, we announced the latest enhancement to the Versiv Cabling Certification System: the FiberInspector Pro MPO inspection camera.  We thought this would be a good time to review the changes made to Versiv since it launched and how that lets you maximize the value of your investment.

Versiv launched with three testing capabilities: Category 6A copper testing (the DSX CableAnalyzer), fiber multimode and singlemode loss testing (CertiFiber Pro) and OTDR testing (OptiFiber Pro).  One of the things that was and continues to be unique about the Versiv platform is that it uses the same user interface for all of these, as well as the new functions, reducing training costs, and the number of errors techs make in the field.  The fact that the Versiv mainframe can be set up ahead of time with the full array of tests needed for a job – whether or not the modules are installed – greatly increases its flexibility.  When that unit gets out in the field, the tech just installs the module needed for the test (no need to even turn the Versiv off) and gets to work.

Next to join the Versiv team was the FiberInspector Pro – the automated single fiber inspection camera.  Users could now perform Tier 1 (loss), Tier 2 (OTDR) and endface inspection of a fiber link and save the result in a single report under the link’s name.

LinkWare Live was launched shortly after that, allowing users to set up and track jobs and testers from any PC, tablet, or smartphone.  To date, over 25 million test results have been uploaded and managed using LinkWare Live.  We opened up the Application Program Interface (API) to outside developers, and before long, LinkWare Live integrated with labelers from Brady, Brother, Dymo, and Epson, reducing time spent as well as errors in labeling.

The automated SmartLoop™ functionality was added to the OptiFiber Pro, making it the only OTDR with built-in ability to test and present results bi-directionally – without paying extra!

We also added the Main-as-Remote feature, allowing the use of two Versiv mainframes, so operators at both ends had a display – very handy for inspecting fibers at both end of the link and integrating the results into a single report.

The DSX-8000 became the first Category 8 field tester when it was launched - with a blistering 6 second Cat 6A Autotest, Intertek certification of the highest level of accuracy (Level 2G), and the ability to test shield continuity along the path of the link.

To keep Versiv current, we reengineered the Versiv mainframe with an updated processor and memory and launched Versiv 2.  While fully compatible with all Versiv models and options and offering slightly better performance, the big story is that it will allow Fluke Networks to continue to support your Versiv modules and functionality even further into the future.

We then worked with CommScope to launch the Link Loss Calculator, which allows operators to enter the configuration of their SYSTIMAX Low Loss and Ultra Low Loss fiber links and the tester does the rest, measuring insertion loss and length, then providing a PASS or FAIL indication.

Last fall saw the launch of the OptiFiber Pro High Dynamic Range OTDR, designed for contractors certifying and troubleshooting outside plant fiber systems.  That same release added a variety of features to all of the OptiFiber models including bend and splitter detection, and the unique Manual Expert mode that lets you start with the automated setting and then make quick adjustments.

When the TIA launched a new set of requirements for testing field-installed plugs (known as the Modular Plug Terminated Link or MPTL), we introduced a new test and adapter kits to support field testing of these links.

Between the hardware releases, we’ve released dozens of software updates, supporting new cable brands, types and test limits, adding features, and even fixing a few bugs.  Versiv has been endorsed for warranty certification purposes by over 30 manufacturers worldwide.

The latest upgrade adds the FI-3000 FiberInspector Pro MPO camera to the Versiv family.  The original version of the camera works with iOS and Android devices, and now that same camera can work with Versiv.  That means you can set up tests and identifiers in Versiv (just like all the other tests), store and view the results in Versiv and create reports using the same LinkWare that you use for your other Versiv tests.

We’re always excited to launch a new capability on the Versiv platform, and now that we’ve added the MPO inspection capability, we’re back to work on the next enhancement to keep Versiv the industry’s most capable certification tool.