CommScope/Systimax Link Loss Calculator on CertiFiber Pro

The Fluke Networks CertiFiber Pro OLTS now has the CommScope Link Loss Calculator on-board. The purpose to incorporate the LLC onto the tester is to make it easier to load an accurate custom limit into the tester.

There are three different CommScope limits in the tester, one for Field Terminated, one for InstaPatch, and one for the Ultra Low Loss (ULL) components. There are also several different CommScope fibers listed in the tester. The test limits that are available will depend on the fiber type you select. You cannot select the ULL limits with ‘regular’ fiber, you can only select the ULL limits with ULL compatible fibers.

You can configure CommScope limits from Linkware Live, or from the tester. Instructions for setting up a project through Linkware Live are located here

Setting up your CertiFiber Pro

  2. Enter a name for your project "KB Article Example" followed by DONE.  (It can be renamed later if necessary).
  3. With the fiber module inserted you will see the following screen:

If not, tap the area under Test Setup > Module and change to CertiFiber Pro.

  1. Tap Smart Remote  above to see the followng options:


  • Test Type:   This governs the type of test. Since we are testing a duplex link, leave it as Smart Remote.
  • Bi-Directional:  The standards and most cabling vendors do not require this for Tier 1 testing - check your test specification.
  • Fiber Type:  This changes the refractive index setting which is used to determine the length of the fiber under test.
  • Test Limit:  It is critical to get in writing the test limit you are to use. There may be a custom test limit requirement for your installation.
  • Reference Method:  This must be set to 1 Jumper when link testing for warranty applications. Changing this can affect your loss budget (test limit).
  • Connector Type:  Set to LC, noting this has no impact on the outcome of the test results.
  • No. of Connectors/Splices:  This directly affects the loss budget (test limit) used for limits like the Systimax LLC where the loss budget is based on the number of connections, splices and length of fiber. CertiFiber Pro will take care of the math for you based on your Reference Method setting.
  1.   Tap "Fiber Type" > MORE > "Manufacturers" and swipe up until you get to "CommScope."

    Select the Fiber you are using

Next Select "Test Limit:"

In the bottom right corner, “MORE” => Swipe up => “Vendor” => “Systimax” and you will see as many as three test limits, choose the one you are looking for:



Help! I don’t see the Systimax LLC limits?!? You did not choose a compatible fiber. Select LazrSPEED 550 or TeraSPEED to enable this option.



Now enter the number of connectors and splices that you have in your link:


This would be a configuration with two LC to MPO cassettes with an MPO cable between them.


For further instructions on loss testing, please consult this article.


This configuration can also be made as a Test Setup in a LinkWare Live Project.