Happy Holidays from All of Us at Fluke Networks!

December 18, 2018 / General

'Twas the night before Christmas when all through the NOC,
Technicians were testing, their eyes on the clock.
The connectors terminated with the utmost care
In hopes there would be not a single bit err.

The Versiv set up, all ready to test
And give the results to put us at rest,
With the best fiber tech and her CertiFiber Pro
Prepared for Tier 2 with launch set to go.

When up on the trace there arose the word FAIL,
Techs whirled around at the sound of her wail.
With insertion loss at too much dB,
We all thought for sure it must be debris!

The image of dirt on the FiberInspector Pro,
Gave us the info we needed to know.
In just one second it became quite clear
That the endface itself was no longer premier

With a thanks for having the automated tool
And a gentle reminder of the golden rule,
The fiber was cleaned and inspected once more
All clear for transmission from cladding to core.

Bidirectional testing an absolute must
On Christmas Eve seemed rather unjust.
But with multiple “SmartLoops” at the far end,
We cut in half the time we would spend

And the average results would not be ignored,
With the calculation complete right there on-board
The event map how easy, the dead zone so short!
A two-second trace, and on-screen support!

The links quickly tested and results all read,
Soon gave the fiber tech nothing to dread
She knew she’d get home earlier than planned,
Having seen a OptiFiber Pro’s value firsthand.

She uploaded results via LinkWare Live cloud,
Packed up her bag, all smiles and proud,
And we heard her exclaim ‘ere she drove out of sight,
“Happy testing to all and to all a good night!”