SmartLoop Testing - OptiFiber Pro

OptiFiber Pro SmartLoop OTDR enables automated testing and analysis of two fibers in a single test. This process automatically separates the two fibers for individual pass/fail analysis, display, and reporting. Not only does this cut the testing time by at least half, it also enables bi-directional testing without moving the OTDR to the far end. In addition to getting the job done quicker, SmartLoop OTDR further enhances the ease and speed of testing in environments where the far end is difficult or even dangerous to reach because the OTDR never has to be moved to the far end.  And when you run the SmartLoop test, the bi-directional averaging is done on the tester—there is no need to use additional software to accomplish bi-directional averaging on tested links.


You will need (3) OTDR launch fibers to do SmartLoop Testing; 1 OTDR Launch fiber, 1 Loopback fiber, and 1 OTDR Receive fiber.  The Loopback fiber cannot be a short fiber jumper—it needs to have the same characteristics and length as the Launch and Receive fibers.  You also need two singlemode bulkhead connectors to connect your launch, loopback, and receive fibers together.

You also must set launch compensation using the “SmartLoop” Set Launch Method.  When you do the SmartLoop Launch Compensation, OptiFiber Pro measures the characteristics of the OTDR port the launch fibers so it can take them out of the OTDR trace when it performs the SmartLoop Autotest.

We strongly recommend you look into getting OTDR Source Port Protector Patch Cords.  These protect the OTDR port(s) from damage and are much less expensive to replace than it is to send the OptiFiber Pro to the Service Center to clean or replace the OTDR port connection.  For more information, click here.



The Versiv Technical Reference Manual has two main sections with instructions for configuring and performing SmartLoop Testing on OptiFiber Pro:


SmartLoop Test Results Examples:

Click here to see a SmartLoop Test Report example.  The SmartLoop Autotest was run on a 50 meter OM3 multimode fiber link. 

You may download the LinkWare (.flw) file here, just be sure to open in LinkWare PC version 9.6 or later.



Bi-Direction Testing with an OTDR – this article explains IEC 62180-4-1 multimode testing and IEC 612804-2 singlemode testing Standards requirements for bi-directional testing using an OTDR.