Testing Singlemode Fiber When You Can't Access the Remote End

There are times when it may not be possible to access the far end of a single mode fiber link running between campus buildings or between sites. Many organizations often have dark fibers between data centers or operational sites, but they may not be open to allowing visitors on site to perform installation testing. How do you get around this apparent roadblock? With Fluke Networks Versiv® platform you can achieve effective testing to prove that links have been installed correctly and are operational plus generate your test results in one test report from Fluke Networks LinkWare® platform. All you need is a person based at the remote site who can assist with connection of test cords to facilitate the testing. While not perfect, the following method will allow you to perform Tier 1 (Basic) and Tier 2 (Extended) testing on an installed pair. For this solution we will be using the Fluke Networks CertiFiber® Pro OLTS and the OptiFiber® Pro OTDR and an FI-1000 FiberInspector® camera. 

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