Updating your CertiFiber Pro

Go ahead an install LinkWare PC 10.4 which can be obtained from here. While on that download page, download the Version 6.4 Build 4 firmware as well. Remember where you saved the firmware file!

  • Make sure your battery is sufficiently charged; if in doubt, connect the power to your unit
  • Open LinkWare PC 10.4
  • Connect the Versiv/TFS main frame to your PC using a Micro USB cord that came with your unit

                 Updating Versiv Product
  • Use LinkWare PC to send the update file to the Versiv mainframe.
  • Click on the Utilities > DSX CableAnalyzer > Software Update (You could of course click on CertiFiber Pro; for software updates - it makes no difference)

    DSX CableAnalyzer Software Update
  • Locate the update file file you downloaded and click on Open

    This will send the update file to the unit, the update takes around 5 minutes
    You do not need to update the module - Versiv stores the firmware necessary to do any updates to the module automatically
  • Now do the same for the remote unit.

    Alternatively, you can swap the USB cable around, connecting the Versiv main to the remote, and wait 20-30 seconds for the message to appear that the remote has an older version of software.  Tap Continue and follow the onscreen prompts to send the update from the Versiv main to Versiv Remote.

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