Fluke Premium Care – Gold


Q. Can I access my membership benefits if I’m working in other countries? 
A. Yes. You can access our worldwide Technical Assistance Center (TAC) from anywhere, at any time. And your web-based benefits are always available. If you are traveling with your Fluke Networks tool in countries that offer Gold Support, you can contact the worldwide TAC and get assistance in locating a local authorized support center for service. Please note however, due to limited inventories, loaner or exchange units may not always be available.

Q. Are your Gold Support memberships available in countries that have been embargoed by the U.S. government?
A. No. Our policy is to comply with the technology embargo list issued by the United States Department of Commerce.

Q. What countries can you currently get Gold Support with full repair/loaner exchange and calibration benefits?A. Fluke strives to provide support within as many countries as possible. The repair/loaner exchange, extended accessory warranty and calibration benefits are only available within certain countries. Please see our full terms and conditions for an up-to-date list of available countries. Repair loaners are available within 24-hours, and to receive a loaner unit during calibration (available in most regions), we recommend you schedule your appointment 6 weeks in advance of your required calibration date.  If a loaner is not required or calibration cannot be scheduled in advance, Customers may opt to instead receive a shipping waybill and calibrations will receive first-on-bench priority. Typical turnaround time for a calibration is 5 working days. Coverage is not available in all countries – please speak with your Sales representative for other support options:

Q. Can I still qualify for and get a Gold Support membership if the product I bought from you is out of warranty?
A. Yes. You can still qualify for membership as long as we support the product. Typically, that’s up to four years (may be fewer, depending on parts availability and other factors) after new sales have been discontinued. If you’re interested in becoming a Gold Support member but your equipment is out of warranty, at our option, you may have to submit your product to an authorized service center for evaluation. There is normally a charge for this service. If you choose not to submit your unit for evaluation, we request that you wait a minimum of 30 days before using any of the repair or service offer in Gold Support.

Q. How long will my membership be in effect? 
A. New memberships are granted 12 months from the date of purchase to compensate for possible lag time in shipping of your covered product. Renewals are for 12 months from the date of renewal.

Q. Will you send me renewal notices?
A. We’ll send you a "reminder of renewal" notice by email three months prior to your Gold Support membership expiration so you can renew it and experience no loss of coverage. One month prior to renewal, we will attempt to contact you personally to inform you of your upcoming membership expiration.

Q. Can I invoke loaner or exchange unit benefits for non-standard service repairs?
A. No. Unit loaner or exchange benefits are not available for non-standard service repairs. Non standard service repairs include abuse, or model-wide recalls or “service actions.”

Q. If I don’t purchase Gold support, what are the standard manufacturer warranties for Fluke Networks’ products?
Mainframe Products: 1 YEAR
Accessories/Parts: 90 Days
Software: 90 Days
Personality Modules: Out of Box (No warranty unless defective)

Q. If I buy Gold Support, do I qualify for all prior software/firmware upgrades available?
A. No. Unless otherwise stipulated, you must be at the current revision of the software or firmware when purchasing Gold Support. If you are not, you must purchase prior upgrades. All future upgrades, once at the current revision, are yours at no charge.

Q. Is there a lower level of support available? I don’t need “Gold” level support.
A. We call our program the “Gold Support Program”, as we strive to deliver the highest level of customer service and support to all of our maintenance program customers. There are not lower level “tiers” of support available, however.