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CompuCom Case Study


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, CompuCom enables its customers to focus on their respective core businesses, while CompuCom handles their technology. Offering managed IT services, integration and consulting, as well as teams specializing in data centers, networks, voice and end-user environments, CompuCom supports more than four million users in North America alone. One of CompuCom's customers, CompuComa U.S.-based Top 10 Global Retailer, required a higher standard for fiber optic cable inspection, including faster testing and more comprehensive reporting. In response, CompuCom’s team turned to Fluke Networks.


As part of its service to this retailer, the CompuCom team maintains three data centers plus one backup bunker, containing nearly 20,000 servers and more than 150,000 cables. The team chose to adopt the Fluke Networks Versiv cable certification platform with a combination of the FI-7000 FiberInspector™ Pro, OptiFiber® Pro OTDR, and CertiFiber® Pro cable loss testing modules to provide easy repairs and upgrades. Since adopting the FI-7000 when it was first launched, the team has dramatically raised the standards in testing and reporting, while also simplifying test result accessibility and management. The FI-7000 enables faster test results, which have saved thousands of dollars each year. Most important, CompuCom's client has been very pleased with the higher levels of speed, quality and reliability made possible with the FI-7000. So much so, that this client now holds other service providers to similar standards.

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