Versiv and Versiv 2 Compatibility during Autotest

When DSX-Cable Analyzer was first released, the Versiv mainframe did not have built-in WiFi capability.  To connect to WiFi, a supported WiFi adapter was connected to the USB port on the Versiv mainframe.  Later, the Versiv 2 mainframe was released, and it included built-in WiFi, which eliminated the need to add a USB adapter for WiFi connectivity. 

The downside for customers who owned both Versiv and Versiv 2 units was that Versiv and Versiv 2 mainframes and remotes were not compatible for running autotests together; you needed to have either a Versiv mainframe and Versiv remote or a Versiv 2 mainframe and Versiv 2 remote paired together to be successful running an Autotest.

We received many requests from customers to come up with a solution for Versiv and Versiv 2 mainframe and remote interoperability running autotests.

This was accomplished with the release of Versiv 6.5 build 5 software.



Now Versiv and Versiv 2 mainframes and remotes are able to communicate with eachother and complete an Autotest.  It also allows for multiple remotes (Versiv or Versiv 2) to be used during cable certification testing.


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