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Need-L-Lock Crimping Pliers

Patented four-in-one crimping plier tool combines the following:

  • Needle nose crimping pliers
  • UR/UY/UG connector crimper
  • Wire stripper hole for 22- to 24-gauge wire
  • Built-in side cutter
  • Rubber coated handles for non-slip grip
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The Need-L-Lock crimping pliers' patented four-in-one tool combines a UR/UY/UG crimper, needle nose pliers, wire stripper and cutter. This means one less tool on your belt!

These crimping pliers' aligned crimping jaws come down square ensuring a solid connection. These pliers' crimping jaws are grooved to provide a better grip on wires and feature a built-in cutter and cable stripper.

These 6.5" (16.5 cm) needle-nose crimping pliers are forged of high-quality steel with rubber-coated ergonomic handles for a reliable, non-slip grip.


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Need-L-Lock crimping pliers




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