OTDR Source Port Protector Patch Cord

With the introduction of SmartLoop OTDR testing, Fluke Networks also added 0.3m OTDR source port protector patch cords to OptiFiber Pro Accessories as a means to help protect the condition of the OTDR port.

It is important to note that the port protector patch cord should only be used between the OTDR port on the OFP-QUAD module and the first OTDR launch cord, and NOT at the end of the launch cord to make a connection into a bulkhead with a different connector type.  The end of the OTDR launch cable should have the same connector type as the link under test (no hybrid patch cables should be used to transition different connector types, as this will likely cause a hidden event in the Event Table).

These graphics show where the OTDR port protector patch cord is used for SmartLoop launch compensation connections and for SmartLoop test connections.



When SmartLoop testing is performed, the technician must swap the connections from the Launch cord to the Tail Cord during the measurement in order to test the End 2 connection.  SmartLoop testing automatically does Bi-directional averaging on the OptiFiber Pro, and the results are saved on the tester, without extra processing required in LinkWare PC software.  

The use of the OTDR port protector patch cord helps guard the OTDR port on the OptiFiber Pro from getting dirty or damaged.  It is much more cost effective to replace a short patch cable than it is to coordinate repair for the OTDR port through the Service Center.



OTDR source port protector patch cords are NOT covered under the Gold Support program for accessories replacement..


Here are the part numbers, and they may be ordered through an authorized reseller:

MRC-50-SCSC-0.3m                   0.3m MM 50 µm TRC 0.3m for OTDR port (SC/SC)

MRC-62.5-SCSC-0.3m                0.3m MM 62.5µm TRC 0.3m for OTDR port (SC/SC)

SRC-9-SCSC-0.3m                      0.3m SM 9µm TRC 0.3M for OTDR port (SC/SC)

MRC-50-LCLC-0.3M-M​                    0.3m MM 50µm TRC 0.3m for OTDR port (LC/LC)

MRC-62.5-LCLC.3M-M                 0.3m MM 62.5µm TRC 0.3m for OTDR port (LC/LC)

SRC-9-LCLC-0.3M-M​                       0.3m SM 9µm TRC 0.3M for OTDR port (LC/LC)


Fluke Networks also offers the following interchangeable adapters for the OTDR source port on OptiFiber Pro:

PA-SC    OTDR source port interchangeable SC adapter

PA-LC    OTDR source port interchangeable LC adapter

PA-ST    OTDR source port interchangeable ST adapter

PA-FC    OTDR source port interchangeable FC adapter