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Overwrite or Skip

When syncing a project to a Versiv you might receive a warning message of The project “name” has changed. The reason you are receiving this message is because the tester already has a project with the same name but different settings. With this error you can choose to Overwrite or Skip.

Overwrite - LinkWare Live adds or deletes settings and ID sets to make the project on the tester agree with the project in LinkWare Live.

*Important to note*  If there are results, the results will import into LinkWare Live with the test setup they were tested at. If the new test setup has the same cable ID names as results already tested with the old setup, LinkWare Live will combine the two results into one and make them unplanned. When you choose to accept the unplanned results, LinkWare Live will prompt you to keep the old results and delete the new or accept the new and delete old results. If you want all results, make sure the cable IDs are different. 


Skip - The project you have set up on the tester does not get changed.

*Note* If you have results, the results are imported into LinkWare Live as Unplanned test results.

Author: Ryan Quigley

Creation Date: 2019-07-23

Last Modified: 2019-07-23