Set Reference Failed Due To Calibration Error - DSX CableAnalyzer

The most common cause for the error message "Set Reference Failed Due to Calibration Error" is a fault with the cable that is being used for the reference.

If you get this error, you can try the following:

  1. Ensure that the tester is lying flat, and the cable is as straight as possible, not coiled.
  2. If referencing with one permanent link adapter and one channel adapter, try using a different permanent link adapter for the reference process - however, if both adapters have a similar autotest count (see below), you may get the same error.
  3. Set a reference with two channel adapters and a high-quality 6-inch patch cord, rather than one permanent link and one channel adapter.
  4. Set a reference with a dedicated DSX reference module (model DSX-REFMOD for DSX-5000, model DSX-REFCAL2G for DSX-8000)

You can check the autotest count of an adapter by navigating to [Tools] > [Version Information] > [Adapter] while having an adapter attached to the Versiv mainframe.

The autotest count is a record of the number of tests that have been run with the adapter. Permanent link adapters are rated for up to 5,000 insertions; however, the lifespan may be shorter or longer depending on how they are treated.

Additionally, you can try disconnecting, swapping positions, and reconnecting the adapters between the Versiv Main and Remote units. You can also do the same process with the DSX modules. In some cases, simply reseating these connections can help.

*Please note that a reference must be performed with equal level adapters, e.g., you cannot reference with a DSX-PLA804 and a DSX-CHA004 together or vice versa, they must both be 004 (CAT6A) or both 804 (CAT8). Additionally, DSX-8000 can reference and test with either 804 adapters or 004 adapters, but DSX-5000 can only use the 004 adapters.

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