Label Software Integration - LinkWare PC

There are a number of third party label software packages available on the market. These include:

Silver Fox


*There are many other packages out there.
These manufacturers provide a means to output a Cable ID list file in the same format used to generate Cable ID lists on the DSP-4300 and DTX CableAnalyzers.
As an example, let's take a look at the Silver Fox Software:
Export Label List in Silver Fox Software
Once the label has been made, you can use the export function to export the Cable IDs in the format used by Fluke Networks' cable testers. By clicking on Export label list for Fluke tester, you will see a new window:
Save File Window

Save the file to your PC. You can create multiple lists.
DSP-4300 CableAnalyzer Owners
1.        Copy the *.ids file you just saved to your memory card using the memory card reader.
2.        Put the memory card in the DSP-4300 CableAnalyzer.
3.        Turn the rotary dial to SETUP and press F4 until you get to Page 2 of 7.
4.        Press ENTER.
5.        Highlight Cable ID List and press F1.
6.        Your saved Cable ID List(s) will appear on the screen.
7.        Highlight the Cable ID List you wish to use and press ENTER, then ENTER again.
8.        Turn the rotary dial to Autotest and begin testing.
DTX CableAnalyzer Owners
1.        Connect your DTX to a PC with LinkWare PC loaded.
2.        Run LinkWare PC.
3.        Click on Utilities > DTX Utilities > Create Cable ID List. A new window will appear. 
           DTX CableAnalyzer Custom Cable ID List 
4.        Click on Open ID List button and select the list exported from the Silver Fox labeling software/
5.        Click on To DTX button.
6.        To select a Cable ID List in the DTX CableAnalyzer:
          Turn the rotary switch to SETUP.
          Use to highlight Instrument Settings, then press ENTER.
          Press ENTER to select Cable ID Source.
          Use to highlight List, then press ENTER.
          Use to highlight your newly created Cable ID List, then press ENTER.
          Turn the rotary dial back to Autotest and begin testing.