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Exporting results as 'csv' (to Excel)

This feature is now available in
Excel 2007 and 2010 will allow you to import more than 255 fields. Make sure the "Total CSV fields:" shown below does not exceed 255 if you are using older versions of Excel.

Click on Options > CSV
LinkWare Software Options Menu 

You will then see:

CSV Options Screen
You only need to do this once, as LinkWare will remember this setting. Once you have done this, highlight the reports you wish to export then click on File Ι Export as shown below:
Autotests Reports option in LinkWare
You will then be prompted with:
LinkWare Export File Selection Screen
Click OK to see..
Save Exported File Screen
Change the file type to Comma Separated [*.csv] and choose a name to save the file as followed by Save.

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Author: Adrian Young

Creation Date: 2014-02-24

Last Modified: 2014-02-24