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Create an IP ping list with LinkWare - DTX-NSM

The DTX-NSM can ping up to 23 IP addresses on a Network at any one time.
You will need
The IP address ping list can be easily created in LinkWare or manually entered into the DTX CableAnalyzer. If created in LinkWare, it can be imported into the DTX CableAnalyzer.
To create an IP address Ping list in LinkWare: 
  1. Open LinkWare - from the tool bar and select Utilities > DTX CableAnalyzer > Ping Target List.
  2. The Ping Target utility will display in LinkWare.
  3. Click File > Save As and name the Ping Target List .
  4. Click the Add button.
  5. The Ping Target Data Utility will display:
    a.        Enter the IP Address of the device .
    b.        Enter the IP Name of the device.
    c.        Click OK.
    Ping Target Utility - LinkWare 
  6. The added IP Addresses will display in the Ping Target List window.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Each of the IP Addresses can be Edited or Deleted in LinkWare.
  9. When the IP Address list is complete, connect the DTX CableAnalyzer to the PC
  10. Click the Transfer List or To DTX icon in the tool bar.
  11. LinkWare will display the following Warning message.
    LinkWare Warning Message 

  12. Click Yes. The new ping list will transfer to the DTX CableAnalyzer.
  13. The new Ping Target List is now ready to be used with the DTX-NSM CableAnalyzer.

To use the DTX-NSM Ping Target list: 

  1. Turn the dial on the DTX CableAnalyzer to SETUP.
  2. Highlight Networks Settings > press ENTER.
  3. Highlight Target Addresses > press ENTER.

You can Edit or Delete each of the IP Addresses with the DTX CableAnalyzer. You can also add New IP Addresses to the imported list. 

To ping the Target IP address list: 

  1. Turn the Dial to MONITOR.
  2. Highlight Network Connectivity.
  3. Press TEST the test will now run.
    Network Connectivity Screen
  4. Once complete, press F2.
  5. One IP Address can be Pinged by pressing ENTER, alternatively, press F1 to Ping All.
    Target Address Selection Screen

Additional information: 

  • Ping results are saved as part of the connectivity results.
  • Since ping requests are low-priority traffic, devices may not respond to all requests.
  • To evaluate ping times, you should compare current results with results taken when the network was operating normally. 

Author: Fluke Networks

Creation Date: 2014-02-24

Last Modified: 2014-02-24