Wireless USB adapter for your Versiv/TFS - LinkWare Live

Versiv/TFS includes the DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer, DSX-8000 CableAnalyzer, CertiFiber Pro, OptiFiber Pro and FI-7000.

You can connect your Versiv/TFS mainframe to LinkWare Live using the fixed Ethernet Port on the side or with a USB Wireless Adapter.

If you intend to use the USB Wireless Adapter, please update your Versiv to the latest version first, along with your version of LinkWare PC.

Supported Wi-Fi USB Adapters

  • TP‐LINK TL‐WN725N (Versions 1 & 2) *Recommended*
  • ASUS USB N10 Nano

You may also use the ASUS USB N10, but customers have reported fit issues where the adapter does not make a secure connection. Based on customer feedback, we recommend the adapters above with a preference in the order they are displayed.

Using your cell phone as a wireless hotspot is the most popular method has it avoids issues of browser authentication - which is supported in Version 4.2 Build 5 and later.

Update:  Effective September 13, 2016, the TP-Link Wi-Fi Adapter will be included in all Versiv products (mainframes and kits) as a trial for the rest of 2016.  Versiv units shipping with the Wi-Fi adapter will have stickers on the outside of the box specifying that a WiFi adapter is included inside.

Connecting the Wireless USB Adapter

  • Ensure your Versiv/TFS has the latest code.
  • Insert the USB Wireless Adapter.
  • Tap on TOOLS > Network
  • Change the active port to Wi-Fi.
  • Tap Wi-Fi: DHCP > SSID: to bring up a list of available hotspots.**
  • Select your hotspot.
  • Tap Security and change it accordingly, entering the password for the hotspot.
  • Go back to the NETWORK screen and tap CONNECT to see your connection:

    LinkWare Live Connect with WiFi

Transferring results to LinkWare Live

  • First, go to LinkWareLive.com/signup and create an account.
  • If you already have a Fluke Networks MyAccount, use the same credentials to log into LinkWareLive.com/signup.
  • From the HOME screen on your Versiv/TFS, tap RESULTS > TRANSFER > LinkWare Live.
  • Enter your user name and password if prompted. (This is your LinkWare Live credentials)
  • Tap the ORGANIZATION you wish to upload to.
  • Select the project you wish to upload and SYNC.


Importing results from LinkWare Live to your PC

  • Install the latest version of LinkWare PC.
  • Click on the red arrow in the tool bar and select LinkWare Live.
  • Enter your user name and password if prompted.
  • Select which project you wish to import and tap OK.
  • Then import your results - just as you would using a USB drive or if you were connected directly to the Versiv/TFS.


Common questions

  • How fast is the upload speed? For a good wireless connection, around 100 Cat 6A results takes approximately 60 seconds.
  • I'm in a place that requires me to click on a user agreement (browser authentication), what do I do? This is now supported in the latest Versiv code.
  • Will the USB Wi-Fi Adapter interfere with my measurements? No.
  • How much storage is there for LinkWare Live results? Currently, no limit.