Email Notification of Module Calibration Status - LinkWare Live

LinkWare Live will now send Calibration Status email notifications to the email addresses set for LinkWare Live Organization Owner, Manager, and Admin roles with the following details:

  1. Project Activity Summary:  Summary email to account owners with detailed calibration information on all Versiv assets (modules) connected to account, selectable at daily, weekly, or monthly frequency intervals.
  • Email will include project summaries and upcoming calibration dates, helping contractors manage vital calibration schedules

Notes:  This notification only occurs for copper and fiber modules in results uploaded to LinkWare Live, and will not include other equipment you own whose results have not been uploaded to LinkWare Live. Also, assets that have not been used and/or results not uploaded to LinkWare Live for more than two years, will not be reported on.

  1. Out of Calibration Alert:  LinkWare Live will send you an email immediately if results are uploaded to your LinkWare Live Organization from a device that has not been calibrated within the past year.


Where is this controlled?

Log into LinkWare Live, click on the Organization name in the top right, click Account & Settings, and scroll down


Where is email frequency controlled?




Share DSX-5000 Results with Fluke Networks Technical Assistance Center using LinkWare Live

It is easy to share results with Fluke Networks Technical Assistance Center. 

  1. Open a Support case and explain the issue.
  2. Sync your project from the Versiv/TFS platform to LinkWare Live using the wireless adapter or a wired connection, and then invite the TAC agent by email (after you have a support case in progress). 
  3. Log into LinkWare Live and click on Internal Users, then click the ADD USER button.
  4. Enter the email address of the TAC Team agent you are working with, select Manager in the select a role drop down, check Allow Administrative Privileges, and click INVITE USER.

  5.  Inform TAC agent the name of the Project which contains the results in question.

    After this happens, the TAC Team agent will be able to log in to your Organization and import results from LinkWare Live to Linkware PC from your synced projects and review results from the project you are working on.

    You have the ability in the INTERNAL USERS tab to reset the password, edit or delete the account of the TAC Team agent from your Organization in LinkWare Live when the support case is closed.

    Alternative suggestion:  Share your own LinkWare Live login credentials with the TAC agent, and provide the Project Name.  At the conclusion of the support case, change your password.

LinkWare Live View Results Graphs

LinkWare Live now supports showing graphical details for copper test results and OTDR test results, both in the interface and in Reports generated from LinkWare Live.  This is a new feature in LinkWare Live released in March, 2019, and the change applies to results already stored in your LinkWare Live Organization.

Graphs for Copper Results:

In the LinkWare Live interface, go to Results and click on the result to select it and show the details on the right pane.
Click on NEXT or one of the other test parameters in the detail pane on the right.


Now click on the GRAPHS to go from Details view to Graphical view.



  • If your aim is to use the HDTDX or HDTDR traces to determine whether a failure is due to cable or connector, import the results to LinkWare PC and do the analysis or use Fault Info on the tester.
  • If a result does not include plot data or if it is not a result or test parameter that is represented by graphing, LinkWare Live shows “No graph data available” when the GRAPHS tab is selected.

Graphs for Fiber OTDR Results:

In the LinkWare Live interface, go to Results and click on the result to select it and show the detail on the right pane.


Click on OTDR End 1 or End 2 to get to the detail screen, then click GRAPHS to go from Details view to Graphical view.


How do I Generate Reports?

Generate Detailed Reports in LinkWare Live (now graphs for OTDR results are included)

Are Reports from LinkWare Live the same as Reports from LinkWare PC?

  • Not quite, but they are very similar.
  • Reports generated by LinkWare Live will show the software version and calibration dates of the modules used on the front page of the report, in addition to that information being available in the report detail page(s).
  • There may be scaling differences on some test parameters which affect how the graphical reports are displayed.
  • For OTDR results, more test information is available looking at the result in LinkWare PC, including Event table details and Full size trace viewer and the ability to display multiple traces in a results set.
  • Any time you need to contact Fluke Networks TAC to review results, we need the .flw file from LinkWare PC, not a PDF report from the results.



Brother iLink&Label Integration Printing Cable ID Labels - LinkWare Live

LinkWare Live now has integration with the Brother iLink&Label app to transfer Cable ID databases created in LinkWare Live to the Brother model PTE550W (P-touch EDGE)  label printer. Brother iLink&Label is available for download for Apple IOS (iPhone) on the App Store, and also for download for Android on the US Google Play Store.  Support for the iLink&Label app and for the Brother PTE550W is provided by Brother.  LinkWare Live is supported by Fluke Networks.

The intent of this article is to demonstrate how the integration works between LinkWare Live, the Brother iLink&Label app installed on a mobile device (iPhone), and the Brother model PTE550W P-Touch EDGE label printer.  

Tip:  Download the User's Guide for the Brother model PT-E550W label printer for help navigating its user interface.


Follow these steps to print labels from Cable ID list(s) in your LinkWare Live Project(s) on your Brother model PTE550W label printer:

1 - Create a Project with Cable IDs:

Create a Project in LinkWare Live.

Create a Cable ID set in the Project and Save Changes.


2 - On Your Mobile Device Get the App and Log in:

Download the Brother iLink&Label app and install it.

Apple Play Store (IOS) Version

US Google Play Store (Android) Version

Sign In to LinkWare Live from the iLink&Label app.

Note:  Error 400 or Error 401 during Sign In attempt indicates wrong username or password.  Try Sign In in to LinkWare Live from a web browser to validate your username and password or reset if needed. Try Sign In from the app again after you have validated your login credentials.


3 - Configure WiFi on the Brother P-Touch Edge:

Turn on WiFi on Brother P-touch EDGE by pressing the WIFI button.

Menu > WLAN > Network Setting > Direct Mode

Configure SSID name and password (password must be at least 8 characters) on Brother P-touch EDGE.

Press Enter.


4 - Connect mobile device to P-touch EDGE label printer

If you have configured properly, the SSID for the P-touch EDGE will appear in WiFi Settings on your mobile device as an available connection. 

Enter the password from Step 3 and Join.


5 - Send the Database to the Printer

On your mobile device in the iLink&Label app, tap Send Database to Printer

Select Project with Cable IDs configured in Step 1, tap Send

The P-touch Edge display shows the database transfer is in process, and when the transfer is complete the iLink&Label app shows “Success:  Database Upload Complete!!”

Press the Database button on the P-touch EDGE and then select the Project name and ENTER.  

The Cable ID list will be displayed on the P-touch EDGE.


6 - Print the Labels

Press Enter to highlight the first Cable ID, then arrow down to select the rest. 

Press Enter again to highlight the entire selection and make it active.

Press Print button on P-touch EDGE and select All, Current, or Range, then ENTER to print the label.


For details on the process, watch these videos:

  • How-To Video for IOS Version
  • How-To Video for Android Version


SYNC Error “HTTP Status Code:” - LinkWare Live

If you encounter this error during the SYNC process from Versiv to LinkWare Live, try these steps to resolve:

  1. Make sure that you can log into LinkWare Live from the PC using your email and password.  Accept terms and conditions ensure you can see Projects.
  2. On Versiv sign out of LinkWare Live  (Tools, Sign In > Tap Sign Out)
  3. Restart Versiv.
  4. Connect to network over wired or WiFi connection (Tools > Network)
  5. Tap back, select Sign In from the Tools menu.

    Are you using your mobile phone as a hotspot?
    Tips:  If all you see is "Verifying connection," and then an error that it was unable to connect, try moving your phone closer to a better coverage area (for WiFi or data connection) and try again.
    Make sure you have configured the password correctly in Network > WiFi > Security to match what is configured for your hotspot.
    Make sure your LinkWare Live email/password is entered correctly
  6. Sign in using email and password from step 1.
  7. Select your LinkWare Live Organization (if prompted).  If you belong to more than one Organization, Versiv will present a list of Organizations eligible for SYNC.

Now you should be able to SYNC results from Versiv to LinkWare Live.

SYNC Projects with SubProjects

Versiv mainframes are capable of storing up to 100 Projects.

SubProjects configured in LinkWare are essentially projects within a Project, and they will count towards that 100 project limit.

For example, if my Project "TESTRP" contains 4 SubProjects, it counts as 5 projects when I SYNC Versiv to the Project TESTRP in my LinkWare Live Organization.


Accumulated project data and results stored on Versiv may impact your SYNC process at some point.

If you encounter trouble when doing SYNC from Versiv to LinkWare Live, and it is not pulling down all the Projects (including SubProjects) you expect, try clearing out completed projects in Versiv to free up space and/or changing the status of old Projects in LinkWare Live to Archive instead of Active, and try the SYNC process again.  Go to SETTINGS in the Project in LinkWare Live to change the status to Archive, and SAVE.

Back up your data and clear out old Project folders on your Versiv after jobs are completed.

  • We recommend deleting old projects from Versiv after SYNC is successful to LinkWare Live and the job is complete.
  • You can also connect Versiv to LinkWare PC via USB to import results or transfer results to a USB flash drive


Create a Custom Fiber Limit in LinkWare Live

Did you know that you can create a custom fiber limit in LinkWare Live and then send it to the Versiv mainframe when you SYNC the Project to your LinkWare Live account?  Here are the steps:

  1. Create a Project in LinkWare Live and Save the project.
  2. Click New Test Setup to enter the Cable Type Configuration menu
  3. Choose the Media Type:  Fiber
  4. Choose the Cable Type from the dropdown
  5. Enter the Configuration Name

  6. Choose the test type (Loss/Length for this example).

  7.  Make your selections and save the custom fiber limit.

    Loss/Length Test Setup

    Test Limit:  Select Create New Custom Loss / Length Test Limit

    For a Length Based loss limit, the loss limits are preloaded with values from the TIA Limits.  You will need to check your requirement and adjust your configurations.

    Note:  The Connector Type is only a descriptor (Connector or MPO) for the Connection Loss field.  If you are using standard fiber connectors and MPO connectors (and the loss limits are different), we recommend that you make separate custom Loss Limits for each type.


    There are no preset values in a Custom Fixed Loss limit configuration.  The value you enter is the Overall Loss, which would include any connector loss and splice loss on each fiber under test.


    Enter your loss values and click SAVE.

    When you SYNC your Versiv to the Project in LinkWare Live, the custom fiber limit you configured will be transferred to your Versiv.

    To select the custom limit on your Versiv, make sure that you have the fiber module selected in the TEST SETUP menu, and tap on the Test Limit (More) and look in the Custom folder for the limit you configured.  A configured custom limit will have asterisks around it like this:  *Custom Limit*

LinkWare Live Report Settings

Thanks to customer feedback, LinkWare Live has added Report Settings to allow users to specify the date format, Length Units, Power Units, Time Zone, and add a custom logo.

This was done so that report configuration in LinkWare Live matches the report configuration you can specify in LinkWare PC under Options, Configuration:


To access the Report Settings configuration area in LinkWare Live, click on your user name in the top right of LinkWare Live and go into Account & Settings.  


After you make your selections, the next report that is run will apply your changes.

Importing a Cable ID set from Excel to LinkWare Live

LinkWare Live lets you import Cable IDs from a spreadsheet.  In the spreadsheet, all of the Cable IDs must be in the first column, with a blank row after the last ID.


Save the file as .csv.


When adding new Cable ID lists, make sure that none of the new Cable IDs are duplicates to any others already configured within the the same Project or SubProject.  Duplicate IDs in the list will cause the import to fail.

This link may be helpful for removing duplicate IDs in Excel.


Next, within the Project or SubProject RESULTS page, click the IMPORT CABLE IDS button.

Select a Test Setup

Select a SubProject (if using)


*This shows the screen if you are importing the Cable ID set from the Project Level.

  • Click Choose File and browse to the .csv file you saved.
  • Click the green IMPORT button. 



*This shows the screen if you are importing the Cable IDS from within a SubProject.




After the import, go to RESULTS and you will see the IDs displayed as Status UNTESTED.



Final Steps:  Step 1 is critical to transfer the ID List to the Versiv tester.

  1. SYNC Versiv to your LinkWare Live Organization to download the Project, SubProject(s) if any, and ID Sets to the tester.
    Wireless SYNC
    Wired SYNC
  2. Test the links and save the results to Versiv
  3. SYNC Versiv to your LinkWare Live Organization to upload the results to LinkWare Live and update your Project.


What if I have multiple ID Sets (spreadsheets) to import?

We recommend making a separate SubProject for each ID Set, and import the ID List in LinkWare Live from within each SubProject.

Using separate SubProjects for each ID Set makes finding the IDs easier when saving on Versiv and when navigating in the Project in LinkWare Live.

Imported Cable ID Set Has Unexpected Sort Order – LinkWare Live

LinkWare Live and Versiv use lexicographical sort order on strings (Cable ID Names). This example is not a common scenario, but it can happen if you are using long Cable ID names imported from an Excel file. After the import, you may notice that notice that the ID List sort order in LinkWare Live changed from the original Excel file. And when the project is SYNCed to Versiv, the unexpected sort order also gets transferred to Versiv.

As an example, we had a customer report an unexpected sort order in LinkWare Live and Versiv after importing an ID List that contained these IDs:

Post-import, LinkWare Live ordered …10A1.001...before …9C4.012…

Again, this is not a common scenario, but it is very frustrating if you have hundreds or more IDs in your ID List (out of expected order) and you have to hunt for the ID before you save.

How do I fix this?

Prior to import to LinkWare Live, make sure in your Excel file that any IDs with numerals which will be sorted are padded with zeros to keep the sort order correct.  For the example above, the first ID should padded with a zero 23 characters in (add a zero before the 9) so that there is number column agreement for the numerals in the IDs.



If any of the numerals go into the hundreds, pad with a leading zero so that there are 3 numeral columns – for example 001-100.

Save the Excel file, do the import again and SYNC to Versiv, and the sort order should match the Excel file from which they were imported.