Recommended Fiber Launch Cable - Fiber QuickMap

In order to get the best results with the Fiber QuickMap, especially visibility into the first event, we recommend the use of a high quality, low loss, and low reflectance fiber launch cable of at least 100 meters with the appropriate connector for the first connection into the link under test. Using a shorter fiber launch cable may hide the first event within the Fiber QuickMap’s dead zone.

Attenuation and event deadzones explained

Make sure that the OTDR launch fiber used is of the same core diameter and connector type as the fiber link under test. In other words, if the link is 62.5 micron multimode, do not use a 50 micron multimode launch fiber. And no fiber patch cords should be used to transition different connector types.


Fluke Networks offers the following (100 meter) OTDR launch fibers with for use with the SC connector type:

MMC-50-SCSC Multimode launch cable 50 µm SC/SC

MMC-50-SCLC-M Multimode launch cable 50 µm SC/LC

MMC-50-SCST Multimode launch cable 50 µm SC/ST

MMC-50-SCFC Multimode launch cable 50 µm SC/FC

MMC-50-SCE2K Multimode launch cable 50 µm SC/E2K

MMC-62-SCSC Multimode launch cable 62.5 µm SC/SC

MMC-62-SCLC-M​ Multimode launch cable 62.5 µm SC/LC

MMC-62-SCST Multimode launch cable 62.5 µm SC/ST

MMC-62-SCFC Multimode launch cable 62.5 µm SC/FC


The Fiber QuickMap ships with an SC output port. It is possible to modify the output port on the device to another connector type by ordering one of the following adapters:

PA-SC Screw on SC adapter (not for older meters with rectangular style connector)

PA-LC Screw on LC adapter (not for older meters with rectangular style connector)

PA-FC Screw on FC adapter (not for older meters with rectangular style connector)

PA-ST Screw on ST adapter (not for older meters with rectangular style connector)


Fluke Networks also offers the following 100 meter multimode launch fibers with other connector types. You would need to modify the output port adapter as above to use one of these launch fibers:


MMC-50-LCLC Multimode launch cable 50µm LC/LC

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