Warning: Adapter not compatible with current reference or selected limit

You may encounter this Warning when you attempt to run an Autotest on Versiv (DSX-5000 / DSX-8000):

What does the Warning mean?

A mismatch has occurred between the selected test limit type and the adapters attached to the main and remote.

To generate the error, the tester was configured to use the test limit TIA Cat 6 Permanent Link, and I connected the DSX-PLA804 Permanent Link adapter on the main unit, and a DSX-CHA804 Channel adapter on the remote unit.

The purpose of the warning is to prevent the technician from having results rejected by the customer for improperly testing the link.  In the example above, tapping YES to continue, the results may be rejected if the requirement was to test to TIA Cat 6 Permanent Link, since testing with a channel adapter on the Versiv remote side will not be able to measure the mated jack and plug connection like it can do with the permanent link adapter.

How do I prevent this Warning?

If the test limit is a Permanent Link test, in general you should be connecting permanent link adapters on both the main and remote and connecting the RJ45 ends into the jacks on the link under test.

If the test limit is a Channel test, in general you should be connecting channel adapters to both the main and remote and adding patch cords in order to connect the RJ45 to and test the link under test.

What else can cause this Warning?

Of course, there are exceptions where you would need to use a combination of adapters:

  • Tools > Set Reference between Versiv main and remote over the copper adapters requires using one permanent link adapter and one channel adapter to connect the units together.  If you try to run an Autotest over your reference connections, it will give the compatibility warning when the test limit is set for a Perm Link or Channel type test.

Wrong test limit selected for what you need to test?  If the link has a jack on one end and a plug on the other end, maybe one of these test limits is better suited:

Testing to TIA Patch Cord Limits requires special DSX-PCxxS Adapters and cannot be done with Channel adapters.  If you select a TIA Patch Cord Limit and do not use the DSX-PCxxS Patch Cord Adapters, Versiv displays this Error and will not allow the user to continue running the Autotest.

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