SYNC Versiv to LinkWare Live Over Wired Network Connection

If you do not have the TP-Link WiFi Adapter, you can still SYNC your DSX-5000 Versiv to LinkWare Live over a wired connection using an RJ45 network patch cable connected to an active network port.  The SYNC process transfers Projects and results from your Versiv to your LinkWare Live account.  Once the results are in your LinkWare Live account, you may also download them from LinkWare Live to LinkWare PC to see more detail, and to produce detailed reports on your test results.

Make sure that the network port can route traffic to the internet and that TCP port 443 and TCP Port 80 are not blocked by the network firewall.

  1. Log into from a web browser to verify that your LinkWare Live account is active.  Create a LinkWare Live account if needed before continuing to the next step.
  2. Connect the RJ45 patch cable to Versiv’s RJ45 port (left side) and to the network port.  You should see link lights on the RJ45 port on Versiv when it links successfully.
  3. Go to Tools, Network and tap Wired
  4. Tap DHCP or Static (make IP configurations) and tap CONNECT.  If successful, the Network IP address information will be displayed.  You must be able to connect and see IP information to continue to the next step.
  5. Press HOME key.
  6. Tap the SYNC button.  If you do not see the SYNC button on the HOME screen, you need to update the software on Versiv.
  7. LWL SIGN IN screen is displayed.  Enter your LinkWare Live login email and password and tap SIGN IN.
  8. Select the projects you wish to SYNC to your LinkWare Live account and tap SYNC.
  9. Versiv displays a progress screen with SYNC details.

Note: This process is supported on "NW" (non-wireless) models of Versiv which have Wi-Fi disabled.