Real and imaginary data - DSX CableAnalyzer

The following is not supported officially or unofficially.

If you work in product development, you may interested in getting the following measurements with both amplitude and phase data:

  • NEXT
  • Return Loss
  • TCL
  • CMRL

The following procedure will allow you to get this data in .csv format.

Put the DSX CableAnalyzer into full data collection mode:

  • Press the HOME key.
  • Tap TOOLS > Version Information.
  • Tap the four corners of the dark gray portion of the screen in this order.
  • The Versiv text will turn yellow to indicate the storage of amplitude and phase data.

Powering off the unit disables amplitude and phase data storage.

  • Now carry out your measurements and save them to the DSX CableAnalyzer.
    It will take a few moments longer than normal to save a result as "All Measurements" to 1 GHz is approximately 1.4 MB per result, not the usual 0.06 MB.
  • Import your results in LinkWare PC 9.6.
  • Select the result you wish to extract to .csv.
  • On your keyboard, press CTRL SHIFT and T to open this window:

  • Enter the name you wish to save it as and click on Save. (file sizes can be up to 2.7 MB)