Memory - DSX CableAnalyzer

We were able to fill the DSX CableAnalyzer with 12,700 Category 6A test results. These results included full plot data (graphs) as well as HDTDX and HDTDR time domain data. The results are stored in the Versiv (TFS) main frame, not in the DSX Module.

The results can be exported to a thumb drive. The Versiv (TFS) will keep track of what has been exported:
            DSX CableAnalyzer Project Selection Screen

We have tested up to 64 GB thumb drives but are aware that some drives perform better than others.

You can also download the results to LinkWare Software using the included micro USB cord.

ProjX™? You can preconfigure up to 100 ProjX™ in the Versiv (TFS) main frame. Modules do not need to be inserted when doing this.