Custom Cable Configuration for Belden 2183 - 4K UHD Media Cable


As of Versiv firmware Version 5.3, the Belden 2183 limits are now available to select on the tester.  If you update your Versiv main and remote, you will not need to do the workaround described below.

Here are Update Instructions.


In the V5.1 release of firmware for the DSX series testers there is now a limit for testing Belden’s 2183 cable for use in HDBaseT installations. This limit can be found by looking in the Vendor Test Limit folder.

Due to an oversight, we do not yet have the corresponding Belden 2183 cable listed in in the Cable Type database. This will be resolved in the near future with a new firmware release.  In the meantime, click the link below to walk through steps to configure a custom cable type with the relevant characteristics of the Belden 2183 cable so that you can run the most accurate test possible. This will only need to be done one time.

Create a custom cable type for Belden 2183 cable