Calibration Certificates are not required for Versiv Mainframe and Remote

The Versiv Cable Certification System is a platform comprised of a mainframe, remote unit, and measurement modules.  For example, when configured as the DSX-5000 Cable Analyzer, the Versiv system consists of a mainframe, remote unit, and 2 DSX-5000 copper measurement modules.  The mainframe and remote units act as the display and user interface, provide power, store results, and hold the measurement modules.

Versiv products ship from the factory with Certificates of Calibration for the measurement modules (based on the model SKU that was ordered): DSX CableAnalyzer (DSX-5000 copper modules), CertiFiber Pro OLTS (CFP fiber modules), and OptiFiber Pro OTDR (OFP OTDR module). 

Since the Versiv mainframe and remote unit are not measurement devices, they do not require any factory calibration, and therefore no Certificate(s) of Calibration are required for them.  

Yearly factory calibration is recommended and available through Fluke Service for the copper and fiber measurement modules only.