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Calibration Services

Fluke Networks’ Service Centers are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers. Fluke Service Centers are equipped with the necessary instruments, standards, procedures, and personnel to maintain Fluke Networks’ products at peak performance.  Only Fluke Networks can offer calibration services on our products and reset the calibration dates in our tools using proprietary software and artifacts. Proper use of measurement standards are carefully and continually monitored through a corporate controlled audit program. 


ISO-9001: Traceable Calibration

'Calibration' means that the test results from a measuring device (or source) of unknown accuracy, are compared with a device whose accuracy is known. This device is universally accepted as a 'reference' and traceable to international standards. Calibration records any deviation from this standard and corrects it when necessary. Each instrument has a specific calibration procedure which indicates exactly how and what must be checked.


It Pays to Calibrate Regularly

Measuring instruments are the 'heartbeat' of your company as they check and measure your production processes. They control the quality of your products and in the end are responsible for the success and the profitability of your business. A regular check of your 'heartbeat' with traceable calibration equipment is essential. It ensures your quality always matches the customer's expectations which are vital where ISO-9001 certification is involved. Annual calibration ensures your instrument is performing to published specifications. Instrument calibration follows procedures detailed in our maintenance and service manuals. Instruments are returned with a Certificate of Calibration, your proof of traceability to international standards, and the internal calibration date is reset within the unit (DSX-5000, OptiFiber Pro OTDR, CertiFiber Pro, DTX and OptiFiber OTDR). We also include calibration labels which indicate the date of calibration plus seals to protect the integrity of the calibration performed.

Annual calibration is included in your Gold Support Program membership - As a Gold Support Member you receive an annual calibration and factory refresh as part of your membership.  


How to Schedule a Calibration

Gold Support Members - As a Gold Support member your unit will go to the front of the line for calibration or performance verification, you can simply call your local Technical assistance group (use your local Gold Hotline number), who will arrange for our Service Center to issue an RMA.  Ship your unit to our Service Center, where it will be calibrated/performance verified using the full battery of proprietary Fluke Networks test procedures, adjusted/repaired as necessary with genuine repairs parts, software and firmware updates applied, and all accessories tested and replaced if defective.

Non-Gold Members - A Return Material Authorization (RMA) number is required for every instrument sent to Fluke for any type of service. The RMA number allows you to track your instrument and check the status more easily. To obtain your RMA number, contact us at 1-888-993-5853

or use the Online Service RMA request form. Any instrument sent to a Fluke service center without an RMA number will be returned to the customer.

Please be ready to provide the following information.

  • Method of payment - Fluke accepts American Express, MasterCard, & Visa or valid purchase order number as a method of payment.
  • Shipping address
  • Billing address
  • Tax status - Taxable or tax exempt
  • Model & serial number of the instrument
  • Type of service you're requesting


Calibration Pricing

Calibration pricing is a Flat Rate cost and covers all labor and equipment to perform one calibration required to meet the published factory specifications. The calibration is provided by Fluke, an ISO-9001 registered company, using standards and instruments traceable to national standards. This includes at a minimum, a Certificate of Calibration, a calibration label with the date of calibration and next calibration date. A tamper-proof calibration seal is also affixed to the instrument.



Please ensure that your unit is packed securely in your shipping container and marked with the RMA (Return Material Authorization) number that you received when setting up your Calibration order.   Your unit will be shipped back to you via UPS ground, unless otherwise requested.

Learn more about Gold Support for the Fluke Networks' product you use most.  For more information regarding Flat Rate Calibration service please contact us at 888-993-5853 or visit the Online Service RMA request form.


Calibration product offerings

Performance test: After a repair a performance test is carried out to validate that the instrument is fully functional. No cal certificate or associated material is provided.

Traceable calibration: The instrument is calibrated to manufacturer's specifications using test equipment traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) or other recognized standards or standards laboratories. It is returned with a Certificate of Calibration, Cal sticker, and seals. This calibration meets the requirements of ISO-9001.