Bridge Taps Killing DSL Performance? New TS100 PRO Cable Fault Finder Detects Multiple Bridge Taps on DSL Cable Lines

November 4, 2011 / General, Installation and testing

Today we announced a new product, the TS100® PRO Cable Fault Finder, the first field technician tool that can detect multiple bridge taps on DSL cable lines and can detect taps up to 3,200 feet. Bridge taps are extra lengths of cable that are a killer to DSL performance and can be costly to detect. They have become increasingly present on a significant number of cable lines, due in part to cost pressures and an increased demand for broadband. In addition to allowing field technicians to detect bridge taps up to 3,200 feet, the TS100 PRO tester can detect open/short circuits to 8,000 feet and includes an AC/DC voltage detector, a built-in toner and SmartTone™ features for exact paid identification. With so many features in one, it can eliminate the need for a technician to carry multiple testers. And, something everyone will appreciate, it is extremely easy to use, as it is a simple one-button, red/green light tester – no training needed, no complicated graphs to decipher, just easy, efficient testing. For more information visit the product page.