All Versiv Models Updated With New Software Version

July 7, 2016 / General

New Versiv Version 4.8 Build 1 code and LinkWare PC 9.6 now available

We’ve just released a new version of code for all cable certification Versiv models and we think you’re going to like what you see.

  • The button on the side of the FI-1000 is now being put to good use.  Push it when you’re not running a test and it activates the fiber inspection test instantly, showing you the end face.  And if you press it while viewing a fiber endface image, it will freeze the display, especially helpful when you’re trying to catch an image in an awkward position.
  • A SYNC button on the home screen lets you download test setups and upload results to LinkWare Live, eliminating multiple steps in the TOOLS menu.
  • Simplified launch compensation when testing through Angled Physical Contact (APC) connectors
  • The default OptiFiber Pro test for general fiber now includes a Return Loss limit, encouraging proper testing for this critical parameter, plus three new limits added to prevent links with poor reflectance from passing.
  • Fiber loss limits in CertiFiber Pro updated as per TIA-568.3-D (850 nm loss changed from 3.5 dB/km to 3.0 dB/km).
  • LinkWare PC has been updated to allow login to LinkWare Live from the home page, simplifying that process, and with new test limits matching those in Versiv 4.8.

There are also a number of bug fixes, all catalogued in the release notes for Versiv and for LinkWare PC.  With all the changes that keep coming, it’s essential to keep your tester up to date, so that you don’t run the risk of test results being rejected.  With the new Wi-Fi enabled software update procedure, it’s easier than ever, so there’s no excuse!

We’ve even added a Knowledge Base article that shows how to do it.  We still have an article on the old-fashioned and tedious cable testing method, as well.