A New Tester for the New Normal: Introducing the Versiv Family of Certification Tools

June 11, 2013 / General

Terms like virtualization, cloud, SLA, SANs, SaaS and BYOD are all the rage in today's technology world. But, none of these advancements are possible without the hard, diligent work done by cabling professionals to build, maintain, and optimize the cabling infrastructure. The industry is changing, and today's data communications installers need to be quick, accurate, and agile to meet up with the industry's fast evolution.

 In a recent global study of cabling professionals, Fluke Networks found out that cabling business owners, project managers, and installers are falling behind the times. Money is lost at every step of the way from costly errors and complications in planning, mistakes in troubleshooting, and difficulty achieving systems acceptance - delaying getting paid. In fact, we found that mistakes, complexity and rework add more than a week of labor to a 1,000 cabling drop installation, resulting in thousands of dollars in lost labor.

Versiv Family of Certification Tools 

To address these problems and keep cable pros ahead of the curve, Fluke Networks today announced its new family of Versiv Cable Certification testers, designed from the ground up to help data communications installers more quickly, accurately, and profitably achieve systems acceptance for copper and fiber jobs. With interchangeable modules for copper, fiber, and OTDR testing, the platform is flexible, and simplifies testing, setup, planning, and reporting.

One of the key features of the new family of testers is the new ProjX ™ management system, which expands the reach and control of project managers and team leaders. The system allows leaders to set up test parameters across multiple jobs and media, creating consistency across an entire job, or switch from job to job by simply tapping the desired project on the large, gesture based touchscreen. Plus, the system allows for up-to-the-minute project analysis and oversight to speed certification and reporting. Have a less experienced technician who encountered a problem during testing? They can create a "Fix Later" troubleshooting punch list so more experienced installers can examine problems later - increasing troubleshooting accuracy and decreasing the amount of time new installers spend trying to ad hoc fix problems.

For more information about the brand new family of testers, click here.