Network Labeling Gets an Upgrade: A Guide to LinkWare Live and Silver Fox Integration

May 16, 2024 / General, Installation and testing, Upgrading and troubleshooting

Precision and efficiency aren’t just goals when you work in network installation and maintenance; they're necessities. As the industry evolves, so does the demand for more sophisticated, streamlined operations. Enter Silver Fox® Labeling and Fluke Networks, whose recent product integration addresses one of the most tedious and error-prone aspects of network infrastructure projects: the labeling process.

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With Silver Fox Labacus Innovator® software and the Fluke Networks LinkWare™ Live system, you can now automate the flow of information from testing devices to label creation and application — virtually eliminating manual data entry errors from manual label creation. The automated system ensures that each component of the network is accurately marked and traceable. This level of precision is required in complex installations where the margin for error is slim.

Integrated Labeling Means and Easier Project Workflow

Silver Fox is recognized for its commitment to quality and innovation in labeling solutions. Its Labacus Innovator software is a versatile and powerful tool for creating durable, industry-standard labels.

At Fluke Networks, we have earned our reputation for accuracy and reliability in testing and troubleshooting network infrastructure. With over 120 million results uploaded to date, our LinkWare Live cloud-based management service has kept hundreds of thousands of projects on track and up to compliance standards.

Our collaboration is no simple merging of tools; it's an integration of expertise and technology aimed at simplifying a complex part of network management.

The integration facilitates a seamless workflow between both programs. Test settings, including cable types, test limits, and identifiers created in or uploaded to LinkWare Live, create a centralized repository for all project data in the cloud. This eliminates the manual transfer of information, reducing the potential for errors and increasing overall efficiency.

Labacus Innovator syncs the results and generates labels that accurately match results from Fluke Networks Versiv™ testers and customer requirements.

This process simplifies label creation and ensures that each component within the network is clearly marked and traceable back to its test results. This traceability is crucial to maintaining system integrity and compliance. The integration is a robust solution that enhances project management, reduces errors, and promotes better quality control.

How LinkWare Live Works with Labacus Innovator

Integrating LinkWare Live with Labacus Innovator yields a powerful, efficient labeling workflow. Here’s how it works:

  1. Define project requirements: Project managers use LinkWare Live to set up project requirements. These include multiple cabling types, test limits, and identifiers. Identifiers can be created in LinkWare Live or imported from a spreadsheet. In a large project, multiple Versiv testers and multiple Labacus Innovator installations can access the LinkWare Live database, ensuring that every user is in sync.

  2. Sync with Labacus Innovator: The software syncs seamlessly with the data stored in LinkWare Live. This step eliminates manual data entry and minimizes the potential for error.

  3. Label creation: Within Labacus Innovator, you can select relevant test data from LinkWare Live to start generating labels. The software provides a range of templates and customization options to meet the specific requirements of each project.

  4. Print and apply: After the labels are designed, you can print them from a Silver Fox Fox-in-a-Box® thermal label printer or a standard laser printer. Apply these high-quality, durable labels to the corresponding cables and components to ensure clarity and traceability.

  5. Set up the Versiv tester: Technicians in the field can download settings and identifier data to their Versiv tester over Wi-Fi (using their phone as a hotspot if Wi-Fi is not available). This prevents using incorrect test limits or misidentifying the cables and ports that were labeled in the step above.

  6. Test and upload: Technicians use Versiv devices to conduct comprehensive cable tests. The labels and the identifiers on the tester’s screen match perfectly, making testing much easier. Results then upload automatically to LinkWare Live, which becomes a secure, accessible cloud-based repository for all project data. This reduces the chance of lost results from errors or tester theft, and it allows the project manager to track progress remotely.

  7. Generate reports:  Results from multiple testers integrate automatically, so it is easy to generate a single, complete report for the entire project. The labels and reports match the identifiers uploaded in the first step, reducing the likelihood that any results will be rejected. You can create reports to send to the customer, or you can give the customer access to the results in LinkWare Live.

Label Integration: A New Benchmark for Network Infrastructure Management

Together, Labacus Innovator and LinkWare Live set a new benchmark for precision, efficiency, and reliability in network installation and maintenance. You can expect to see quick improvements in your project workflows and outcomes with this new connectivity.

By continuously refining and expanding the capabilities of our software and data storage offerings to make your network labeling tasks easier, Silver Fox and Fluke Networks are supporting your needs today and shaping network infrastructure workflows into the future.

    Top Benefits of Labeling Integration

        Network labeling integration with Labacus Innovator® and LinkWare™ Live brings a host of advantages to
        network infrastructure projects:

  • • Single database: Ensures that documentation, labels, and test reports match exactly.

  • • Real-time project management: Monitors projects on any device for immediate insight into status and progress.

  • • Automated test result management: Directly uploads test results to the cloud, reducing manual errors and ensuring labels accurately reflect test outcomes.

  • • Cloud-based data sharing: Shares test data and reports easily, improving team collaboration.

  • • Efficient asset management: Tracks testing devices' calibration status and location, ensuring readiness and compliance.

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