How to Extend the Value of Your Versiv™ Investment

December 21, 2023 / General, Upgrading and troubleshooting

We know that customers use our cable certification solutions for years, even decades. We took that into account when we designed the Versiv™ cable certifier. Now that forward-looking strategy is protecting long-term Versiv users.

Three Versiv units showing three different faceplate labels used over the years

Early OptiFiber Pro testers were labeled “TFS,” but they function the same as those labeled “Versiv.” We call them both Versiv 1. The Versiv 2 launched in 2018. All Versiv modules work in any of these three mainframes.

“The customer is entitled to a little more
than he thought he paid for.” – John Fluke Sr.

The Advantages of an Efficient, Modular Design

The Versiv platform features a separate “mainframe” unit, which integrates the battery and display. Individual measurement modules attach to the mainframe for copper certification, fiber loss, and OTDR testing.

Versiv has always offered clear advantages:

  • • One interface to learn
  • • Multiple test regimens and functions in a single unit
  • • Easy hardware upgrades
  • • Reduced size and weight, in a future-ready, value-minded package

Now Versiv is showing a longer-term advantage. Although we’re ending repair services for the “Versiv 1” mainframe and remote, we’re making it a relatively painless transition. Let’s explain.

Versiv 1 Became Versiv 2

In 2018, component supply issues forced us to re-engineer the original Versiv mainframe, Versiv 1 (which is labeled TFS or Versiv on its face plate). We launched the new mainframe as Versiv 2.

Both Versiv 1 and Versiv 2 are fully compatible with all versions of the measurement modules, and both units work with Versiv 1 and Versiv 2 remotes.

Versiv 1 repairs no longer possible

We stockpiled Versiv 1 parts — but those parts have run out. So we can no longer repair Versiv 1 units.

Only a small percentage of Versiv mainframes or remotes come to us for repair each year. There’s a chance that most Versiv owners will never need to worry.

If we can’t repair your Versiv, we have solutions

If we can’t repair your Versiv, we can still give you options:

  • • If you have an active Premium Care – Gold agreement for your Versiv tester, we’ll send you a replacement Versiv 2 mainframe or remote under the Gold benefit guidelines.

  • • If you’re not a Premium Care member, you’ll have a choice:
  1. Purchase a three-year Premium Care – Gold agreement for your Versiv (including any measurement modules), and we’ll waive the 30-day waiting period. You’ll be eligible for a replacement Versiv 2 mainframe under the Gold support benefit guidelines. You’ll also get three years of annual calibration, loaner units, replacement accessories, priority tech support, and more.
  2. Purchase a new Versiv 2 mainframe and/or remote from the reseller of your choice. (The Versiv 2 mainframe can be used with any existing TFS/Versiv 1 remote.) The cost would be a fraction of purchasing a complete new tester.

This program will be implemented with slight differences in various regions around the world. Please check with your local service center or Gold Support team for details.

Have confidence in your Versiv investment

If you have a Versiv 1, keep using it. Be confident that you’ve made the best choice for long-term return on your cable certification investment. Fluke is here for you — as we have been for the past 75 years.


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