Versiv2-NW (non-wireless) Mainframe vs Standard Versiv2 Mainframe

The Versiv 2 platforms have both non-wireless and wireless models.  On the standard Versiv2 platform, WiFi capability is built into the tester. The non-wireless platforms have “NW” in the model name, signifying that the integrated WiFi has been disabled.

Here is how the Versiv2-NW (non-wireless) differs from the standard Versiv2 platform.

  • A Versiv2-NW unit is for users who do not need wireless capabilities on their Versiv unit
    • Primarily for government locations or datacenters
  • A Versiv2-NW is a Versiv 2 mainframe which has had its wireless capabilities disabled
    • An end-user cannot turn on a Versiv2-NW’s wireless capabilities
  • A Versiv2-NW label on the front of the unit under the display on the right-hand side
  • The label on the back of the mainframe does NOT include WiFi compliance information.


  • A Versiv2-NW unit will not be able to connect to a wireless network
  • No WiFi access listed under Tools-Networks

What about the Ethernet / Management Port?

  • A Versiv2-NW unit will be able to connect to the network through its Ethernet / Management port
  • ​If a user wants to disable their Versiv 2 Ethernet / Management port, they will need to cover the left-side RJ45 port with a tamper-indicating seal