CertiFiber Pro-Input Adapter is Incorrect

It is not uncommon for our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) to receive a call where the user complains that the input connection supplied for CertiFiber Pro is for an ST type connector.

CertiFiber Pro ships with NFA-SC Output connections and the NFA-LC Input connections.

The NFA-xx Input adapters can be swapped to support different fiber connector types, and the same are used whether the reference cords or fiber under test is multimode or singlemode.



Although it looks like the NFA-LC Input adapter would accept an ST connector, it will not.  Look for the double ring on the input adapter.  This is how you know it is for an LC connection.



The LC input takes the clip from the LC connector, and it snaps in, as shown in the picture above on the right. 

The NFA-ST Input has pins on the outside of it to accept the ST connector

Below is a comparison of the NFA-LC (left) and NFA-ST (right)



Conclusion:  If the Input adapter has a double ring and no pins on it, it is the NFA-LC Input adapter.


Input adapters for CertiFiber Pro are available for purchase separately if you need to order replacements or configure to test a link with different connectors than SC or LC.


NFA-SC - Set of 2 SC Interchangeable Adapters for CFP power meter port

NFA-LC -  Set of 2 LC Interchangeable Adapters for CFP power meter port.

NFA-ST - Set of 2 ST Interchangeable Adapters for CFP power meter port

NFA-FC - Set of 2 FC Interchangeable Adapters for CFP power meter port


We also have Test Reference Cord (TRC) KITs for setting One Jumper reference and testing links terminated with these connector types.

For details, look in the Models & Accessories section for CertiFiber Pro