Industrial Ethernet CableAnalyzer™ Kit - DSX2-5-IE-K1

IIndustrial environments are much harsher and more time sensitive than traditional IT environments. Ethernet packets can be corrupted causing packet re-sends which increases latency which can disrupt communications resulting in production delays. 

Cable problems are 50% of industrial ethernet problems. The DSX Industrial Ethernet Kit allows industrial companies and machine builders to validate cable installations to ensure they comply with international standards and Industrial Ethernet protocol guidelines reducing machine start-up time, and production down time.

  • Complete testing for Industrial Ethernet cables with RJ45, M12D and M12X connectors.
  • Support Industrial Ethernet protocols with specific limit lines for PROFINET cable tests
  • Document test results with LinkWare software
  • Fiber optic test modules as option
  • Access to the cloud-based service LinkWare Live to manage certification jobs

Download the DataSheet