Fluke Networks' Support Services Request

Processes can vary depending on where you are located, but Gold support member service requests take priority at all of our authorized service centers.

In order to help us better serve you, please complete all of the fields on the form to the right. The following is some clarifications for a few of the fields.

  • Return Shipping Address - This is the address that you would like us to use when shipping your unit back. 
  • Gold Number - If you are a Gold member please supply your eight digit Gold Membership number, otherwise enter 0.
  • Product Model - Please supply the product model of your unit that needs support (i.e. DSX-5000)
  • Service Request - Please select the type of service you are requesting (i.e. Calibration, Repair).  If you are requesting repair please describe to the best of your ability the issue you are experiencing with your unit.
  • Cal Cert Company & Address - If the Company & Address that should be listed on the Calibration certificate is different than you have already provided on the form, please list it in this field.
  • Cal Cert Asset Number - If you have specific internal asset numbers that need to be listed on the Calibration certificate please list them in this field.
  • LinkWare Live Customers: Insert "LinkWare Live" as Product Model and enter 0 under "Product Serial Number".

All of this information will help us to speed up your Gold service request and ensure that we have the data needed to return your unit to you quickly and with the correct information.

Once you have completed and submitted the form a Technical Support Specialist will contact you via email to alert you of your Service request status.

Complete this form to request service