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Mag Kit Magnetic Strap

The Mag Kit provides the following features:

  • Attach your tester to any magnetic surface using the strong rare-earth magnet
  • Fold the strap to create a simple stand for the meter
  • Built in hole to attached the strap to J-Hooks in your data rack
  • Compatible with MicroScanner2, SimpliFiber Pro, FI-500 FiberInspector Micro, and the MultiFiber Pro
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The Mag Kit Magnetic Strap allows technicians to keep their hands free and their tester safe from potential drops and accidents. The strong rare-earth magnet allows the meter to be attached to a variety of magnetic surfaces. When working with surfaces that are not magnetic, the technician can easily hook the strap onto a J-hook using the hole in the strap. The strap can also be folded to provide a sturdy stand for your meter should the need arise.


Models & Accessories

Model Number/Name Description

Mag Kit Magnetic Strap for MicroScanner2,FI-500 FiberInspector Micro, SimpliFiber Pro and MultiFiber Pro with spare holster


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