Fluke Networks’ LinkWare™ Live Reaches Industry Milestone, Five Million Certification Test Results Uploaded to Date

July 10, 2017 / Everett, WA

The industry’s fastest growing cloud-based cable certification project management system currently averages 300,000 results per month

Fluke Networks today announced that its cloud-based LinkWare Live service has reached a significant milestone – contractors and cable installers have uploaded more than five million test results to date. Today’s installers are able manage and analyze complex certification jobs and upload the results from anywhere with Fluke Networks Versiv family of testers via LinkWare Live.

Installers are reaping the benefits of more efficient workflows based on LinkWare Live. Technicians upload results from the jobsite over Wi-Fi, avoiding the time and expense of driving testers back to the office. Project Managers can set up testers, track job progress, and receive notification of testing mistakes, even while away from the jobsite. LinkWare Live also tracks the last used location and calibration status of testers, reducing project delays. Jobs get done faster, and reports delivered to customers sooner, leading contractors to report gains of up to 20 percent in efficiency.

The use of LinkWare Live by customers is accelerating, now averaging over 300,000 test results uploaded per month – up nearly 50 percent from just 12 months ago, making it the industry's fastest-growing cloud-based cable certification project management service.

During Beta Testing PowerCOM Recognized LinkWare Live Would Increase Productivity and Profits

Pacific Northwest-based PowerCOM has been using LinkWare Live for two years, starting as a beta tester and was instrumental in the development of Fluke Networks’ cloud service. Today PowerCOM uses LinkWare Live to manage, test and certify copper and fiber cabling it installs in large construction projects to ensure that the communication solutions it provides are stable and reliable for its business customers, which include some of the largest companies in the Pacific Northwest.

“Being able to remotely set-up projects with LinkWare Live has eliminated return trips to customer sites caused by invalid test reports due to improper test set-up. This has significantly reduced the time wasted and total miles driven by employees and cut down on wear and tear to our vehicle fleet. We saw these same benefits during beta testing,” said C.J. Santeford, Operations Manager for PowerCOM Bothell, Wash. office who headed up the company’s use of Fluke Networks LinkWare Live starting with beta testing the cloud service. “LinkWare Live has improved our productivity on projects and increased profits by reducing the amount of time and labor spent tracking down test units and downloading and reporting test results.”

Point 1 Relies on LinkWare Live to Manage Increased Demand for Fiber Installation Services

Two years ago, Point 1 started experiencing a surge in demand for fiber installation, troubleshooting and certification. The Livermore, California-based contractor jumped on the opportunity and standardized on Fluke Networks Versiv family of testers, and adopted the LinkWare Live cloud-based service to improve planning and management of projects and testers, and streamline the process of reporting certification results to its clients, which range from data centers to healthcare providers. They also took advantage of LinkWare Live’s integration with the Brother LabelLink application to quickly generate labels from the LinkWare Live database.

“Fluke Networks Versiv testers and LinkWare Live provide Point 1 the ability to demonstrate superior job control and provide quick response to clients, saving all parties time and money,” said Bob Figone, Group Executive for Point 1. “LinkWare Live gives us the means to provide our clients professional cable certification, identification, location, and fault prevention services across all of their projects, no matter where they are located.”

LinkWare Live Helps E2 Optics Deliver Enterprise-Grade Services on World’s Most Complex Data Center Jobs

E2 Optics specializes in designing, engineering and installing structured cabling and advanced IT systems for companies who own and operate the world’s largest and most complex data centers. These world-class technology companies turn to E2 given its expertise and unique approach in delivering enterprise-grade technology and customer service. Today, E2 has more than 250 employees working on projects in North America and Europe, and it’s one of the fastest-growing structured cabling companies in the U.S.

“E2 Optics chose LinkWare Live to improve the planning and management of our data center projects that are underway in the US, Canada and Europe,” said Casey Canada, Manager of Field Operations, E2 Optics. “The LinkWare Live cloud-service provides huge savings on our large datacenter jobs – up to 500,000 links. We load all the project settings into LinkWare Live, and our field techs access the single database with their multiple testers. This saves the time of setting up each tester, and, more importantly, eliminates errors.

“For example, we’ve had instances where techs made minor errors entering cable ID’s, such as using dashes instead of periods. In order to get the results accepted, we’ve had to dedicate as many as three associates to review the ID’s in the test results and modify them as necessary. LinkWare Live eliminated this hassle,” said Canada.

Fluke Networks Worked with Installers to Design Ground Breaking LinkWare Live Cloud Service

“In developing LinkWare Live, we looked closely at the daily challenges that installers were facing,” said Eric Conley, vice president and general manager of Fluke Networks. “They told us that they often wasted time applying incorrect test limits and were frustrated at the time delay between testing and being able to generate reports, not to mention the project delays caused by misplaced, lost or stolen testers. We created LinkWare Live to eliminate these challenges, and to enable installers to complete each job on time and on budget. To achieve the milestone of five million test results uploaded so quickly is a testament to the value that LinkWare Live brings to businesses.”

LinkWare Live also features an easy-to-use device tracking and management capability based on Google Wi-Fi location services to reduce the likelihood that testers are lost or misplaced. Not only is it possible to monitor the last used location, but the software also checks that each device is always calibrated and running the latest firmware. To save additional time, LinkWare Live allows installers to send cable IDs and test settings straight to Brother labelers at the jobsite for seamless labelling.

For more information about LinkWare Live's capabilities or to sign up for a free trial, please visit: www.flukenetworks.com/linkwarelive.

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