Fluke Networks Announces Support for Belden 4K UHD Media Cabling

June 5, 2018 / Everett, WA

New Belden cabling solution can be certified to specifications to support AV technology

Fluke Networks today announced support for Belden’s 4K Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) Media Cabling in the DSX CableAnalyzer Series, the industry’s leading cabling certification platform. With the DSX Series, installers can certify the cabling to specifications jointly designed by Belden and Fluke Networks engineering teams. The test takes under 11 seconds, and ensures that cabling has been installed properly and will function as designed.

As technology becomes more integrated, AV content-delivery methods have evolved from standalone cables and connectivity to IP networking. After extensive HDBaseT testing to understand which cable design best supports the higher-bandwidth needs of content like 4K video, the 4K UHD Media Cable was born. It supports HDBaseT’s 5Play feature set and is made using Belden’s patented Bonded-Pair technology to withstand the rigors of installation.

“We’re honored that Belden has chosen to work with Fluke Networks to develop the first certification solution for AV systems,” stated Harley Lang, RCDD, marketing director for Fluke Networks. “Contractors now have a single, efficient solution for certification of AV plus Category 5 through 8 cabling systems, as well as multimode and singlemode fiber.”

In addition to the certification from Fluke Networks, the 4K UHD Media Cable is also supported by an industry-first PartnerAlliance HDBaseT Warranty, which allows qualified Belden PartnerAlliance AV Integrators to provide their clients with assurance that the installed cabling systems will be free of defects for 25 years. It also includes a Lifetime Application Assurance Program, which covers system performance and labor.

Support for Belden’s 4K UHD Media Cabling is available today in version 5.2 or higher of the DSX CableAnalyzer Series software. Customers with older DSX Series products can obtain the latest version at no charge by visiting www.flukenetworks.com/support/downloads. Support is also currently available in Fluke Networks’ LinkWare Live certification management service, which reduces errors with remote programming of the testers and cuts reporting time with uploading of results over Wi-Fi and one-click certification reporting.

“We’re excited to be working with Fluke Networks to bring this certification to the AV industry,” says Belden Broadcast and AV Product Manager Linda White. “Installers can now be sure that Belden’s 4K UHD Media Cable they’re installing will perform as expected – with quick, accurate verification of proper cable system design.”

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