Downloading results from the SimpliFiber Pro

You will need to download and install LinkWare PC to your Windows PC.

With LinkWare PC installed, connect the SimpliFiber Pro meter to the PC using the suppiled USB cable. The first time you connect SimpliFiber Pro to your PC, Windows will need to install the drivers for it. This should be done automatically for you.

  • The USB drivers are loaded on to your PC when you install LinkWare PC.
  • The first time you plug the SimpliFiber Pro in to the USB on your PC, you will see:
    Found New Hardware
  • Followed by:
    Found New Hardware Window
  • Click on Next >.
  • If successful, you should see something like:
    Found New Hardware Installed
  • Run LinkWare PC software:
    Run LinkWare PC
  • Click on the Red Arrow to download the results.
    Downloading SimpliFiber Pro Result To PC