Editing Stored Autotests in Scanlink

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Scanlink allows the user to edit the following fields within Scanlink: 
  • Project Name Site Closet
  • Circuit ID Building Floor
  • Owner/Operator
Building, Site, Floor and Closet are blank and can have data added to them.
To begin, open Scanlink and then open the file that needs to be edited.
Scanlink Upload Utility
To begin the editing process, Select Edit | Edit Fields from the menu bar.
Highlighted Edit Fields in Scanlink
Scanlink will prompt the user to select Edit Selected or Edit All. Make the selection and then press the OK button.
Edit Fields Options Wiindow
The Edit Fields screen will be displayed. There are two fields, Reference Fields and Editable Fields. The data will be changed in the Editable Fields.
Editable Fields Changed Data
To do a global change on the Circuit ID, Select Edit and then Replace.
Selected Edit Fields Replace Option
The Replace window will be displayed.
Scanlink Replace Word Window
In the Find What field, enter what is to be replaced (in this example TIA). In the Replace With field, enter what to replace with (in this example DEMO). When done entering the data, press the Replace All button.
Clicking Replace All Button in Scanlink 

When Scanlink is done Replacing the information, it will display a message window telling how may items were replaced. Click OK.
Replaced Word Information Window
Close the Replace window.
Close Button in Replace Window
The changes will be displayed in the Editable Fields window.
Changed Editable Fields
To add information to a blank field (Building , Floor, Rack and Closet), do the following:
Change both the Reference Field and the Editable Field to the blank item (in this example Building).
Changed Reference and Editable Fields Data
Select Edit and then Replace from the menu.
Replace Option in Scanlink
On the Replace window, put a space in the Find What to tell Scanlink that the field is blank.
Replace Space with Word Screen
In the Replace With field, type the information that is to appear in the field. When all information is in, click on the Replace All button.
Replace All Space with Word Screen
When done replacing the information, Scanlink will display a message with the number of items replaced. Click OK.
Replaced String and Count Information
Scanlink will display the edited data in the Editable Fields window. Click OK when done editing.
Changed Editable Fields Data
On the main Scanlink screen change from Project to Building to verify changes. The Circuit ID is also changed.
Scanlink Project to Building Changes Verification
Save the file to make the changes permanent.
Save Changes Permanently