Overlay for OTDR traces - OptiFiber

To benefit from this new feature, please ensure your testers have the latest software.
This function enables users to compare traces. It allows you to see two OTDR Traces at the same time. This lets you do the following: 
  • Compare a links current trace with a past trace to see if the link has changed.
  • Compare traces from links in the same run to check for differences.
To compare two traces 
  1. Run an OTDR trace; then press F1 View Trace or view an OTDR trace from a saved result.
  2. Press FUNCTIONS. This brings up the OTDR FUNCTIONS menu.

  3. Select New Reference Trace.
  4. On the VIEW RECORDS screen, select a record, and then press ENTER twice. (Only records with OTDR traces are shown)

    The tests trace is shown as the Reference Trace on the OTDR FUNCTIONS menu.
  5. Press EXIT.
    On the OTDR plot, the reference trace is first shown in gray behind the other trace.

    Example Trace Overlay

To switch the positions of the traces
Press F1 Next Trace.
To switch between wavelengths for either trace
Press FUNCTIONS; then select a wavelength for a trace.
The reference trace stays on the plot until you turn off the trace overlay function.