Memory - OptiFiber

The number of test records you can save in a given amount of memory space depends on what you save in the records. For example, records that include video probe end face images take more memory than records without images.  As a guide, if your test result contains every possible measurement, you can store approx. 12,000 records on a 2 GB card. Please don't put that many on one card. Cards are cheap. Spread your results across multiple cards. If you happen to lose or format a card, it's not so bad.
The OptiFiber will accept MMCs to 64 MB and SD/MMCs up to 2 GB with Version 2.2.1 Software. It will not support the SDHC cards.

Fluke Networks does not normally recommend one brand of vendor for SD/MMCs. However, we have observed that SanDisk cards typically perform better than other cards. 
The maximum amount of internal memory available for test results depends on the space taken by the testers software and custom limits.
Memory card folders can store a maximum of 500 records each.
Loss/length tests in Smart Remote mode take up two records - one for each fiber.
To see the memory space available, press FUNCTIONS then select Memory Status


Press F1 Memory to switch between the memory card and internal memory status.