FI-1000 Video Probe Tips – OptiFiber PRO

The FI-1000 is a new video fiber inspector as part of the OptiFiber PRO, CertiFiber Pro and FI-7000 product line.

This new video fiber inspector offers every common video probe tip needed for bulkhead and patch cord connector inspection.

The OFP-FI kit comes standard with these four probe tips:

FI1000-SCFC-TIP        (SC and FC bulkhead video probe tip)
FI1000-LC-TIP            (LC bulkhead video probe tip)
FI1000-2.5-UTIP         (2.5 mm universal video probe tip for patch cords, suitable for SC, ST, FC)
FI1000-1.25 UTIP       (1.25 mm universal video probe tip for patch cords)

This cross-reference matrix (including pictures) shows other orderable probe tips for FI-1000 in our offering.