Display Screen Features - MicroScanner2

Display Features


  1. Tester icon
  2. Detail screen indicator.
  3. Indicates which port is active, the RJ45 port or coaxial.
  4. Tone mode indicator.
  5. Power over Ethernet mode indicator.
  6. Numeric display with feet/meters indicator.
  7. Test activity indicator, which is animated when running.
  8. IntelliTone appears when the toner is in IntelliTone mode.
  9. Indicates a short on the cable.
  10. Telephone voltage indicator.
  11. Indicates a wiremap adapter is connected to the end of the cable.
  12. Low battery indicator.
  13. Indicates an ID locator is connected to the far the cable and shows the locator’s number.
  14. Ethernet port indicator.
  15. Wiremap diagram. For opens, the number of segments lit for the wire pair indicates the approximate distance to the fault. The rightmost segments indicate the shield.
  16. The  indicates a fault on the cable. SPLIT appears when the fault is a split pair.