Connecting to telephone networks wired in star topologies - MicroScanner2

Telephone cables wired in a star topology (Figure 1) are connected together at a bridge tap at the distribution center. The bridge tap connects each wire to all other wires of the same number. The tester detects bridge taps and measures the distance to the bridge tap. To measure the length of each cable connected to the bridge tap, connect the wiremap adapter or remote ID locator to the bridge tap and the tester to the wall outlet.

The tester cannot measure length past the bridge tap because reflections from the bridge tap connections interfere with measurements. If you connect the tester to the bridge tap, the tester measures the length only to the bridge tap, which is only the patch cord length.

Do not use multiple far end adapters in star or
bus topologies. Doing so causes incorrect wiremap results.
Figure 1. Connecting to a Telephone Network Wired in a Star Topology