Benefits and Accuracy - MicroMapper™ Pro

The MicroMapper™ Pro simplifies testing, providing a full wiremap for twisted pair and coax connectors including split pair and distance to break. It features a “quick-check” test to confirm cable wiremap to TIA568A/B specifications and displays all results on a large LCD screen.

Eliminate Awkward Test Adapters
Tired of losing or breaking all the adapters needed for testing the various voice, data, and video media types? MicroMapper™ Pro simplifies testing with built-in twisted pair and coax support. Both the main unit and the far-end identifiers can be used to test twisted-pair and coax outlets right out of the box.

Quickly Locate Cables
The MicroMapper™ Pro features built-in analog toning to locate and isolate wire pairs during installation.

Replace Tools Less Often
The MicroMapper™ Pro is a tool for any testing environment. It is a durable tester that comes in a small, user-friendly package, making it a convenient tool for any job.

Carry Fewer Tools
The MicroMapper™ Pro Kit provides comprehensive testing, locating, and ID tagging with the MicroMapper Pro™ VDV Cable Tester with a built-in analog toner, the Pro3000™ Probe, and eight included cable IDs.

MicroMapper™ Pro VDV Cable Tester

  • Integrated coax connector for video and audio testing.
  • Length meter shows distance to fault for faster troubleshooting.
  • Large LCD for clear results.
  • Full wiremap shows type and location of fault (miswires, reversals, split pairs, opens, shorts and breaks).
  • Checks for T568B Wiremap.
  • Checks Length: Min 2 feet (1m) - Max 999 feet (350m).
  • Supports up to 8 cable IDs for faster installations.
  • Built-in toner for locating and isolating wire pairs.